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Language and Gender in the Workplace

I'm partnering with MN Women in Tech to offer this workshop to the public! 

In this workshop, I explain how language becomes part of "common sense," or shared background/cultural knowledge. I illustrate how gender bias is implicitly and explicitly reinforced by language, intentional or not, by providing examples and activities to uncover hidden (or not) biases that even women hold about other women. I include some strategies to become more mindful of those biases as well as strategies for changing them if desired. Finally, I also include some ways to think about how to support and empower fellow women at work when they see subtle or overt sexism happening. 

This is an interactive workshop, so please be prepared to write, think, and share! 

Snacks and beverages will be provided, and the location is being determined... I will update shortly!

The charge for this workshop is $29.00 and is limited to 30 attendees.

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