Research & Design, Strategy, & Speaking

About Abby

Abby Bajuniemi is a Senior Researcher, Strategist, and Speaker on things linguistic and UX. 

Researcher & Designer, Strategist, Speaker, Linguist


Areas of expertise:

  • Research strategy and design

  • Quantitative and qualitative methods

  • Task Design and Systems Learning

  • Interaction Design and the role of language

  • Usability testing

I'm a cognitive linguist, researcher & designer, strategist, and speaker.

As a linguist and former professor, I am acutely aware of how information architecture affects the user experience of consuming information. I am passionate about creating inclusive and accessible experiences, whether digital or analog.

I am experienced in research, research design, usability testing, wireframing (low-medium fidelity), prototyping, information architecture, and writing.

I have worked in independent and collaborative environments and thrive in both as a leader and a contributor.

I love teaching, and I am always looking for opportunities to mentor young professionals and help them advance their careers. I have also presented at several national conferences, given workshops, and am a clear and engaging public speaker.

I'm a contributing writer on the intersection of UX and Linguistics for Code Like a Girl, and the author of the forthcoming book on designing and researching natural language interaction for Rosenfeld Media!

I'm a fan of the Oxford comma, and there's nothing more fun to me than diagramming sentences. Yes, I proudly wear my nerd badge.

Want to get in touch with me? I'm happy to talk about UX Research & Design, Strategy, Speaking engagements, training sessions, or just to nerd out on linguistics with you. 

I also consult on experience design, user research, and strategy, especially relating to language interfaces. Let's talk about what you need! 

Read my ramblings on things UX and/or linguistics on Medium!